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Whenever the  in-tuned and sensitive members of our group get together,  crazy things tend to happen.  Check out some highlights..

Automatic Drawing Clue

In this automatic drawing photo, if you look closely you can see letters inside of the picture. What is the picture? No idea! It looks like an eye, maybe a mountain or a hill? In this type of intuitive technique, Chelle allows spirits to take control and letting the drawing commence. Here's a clue given to Chelle... what it means... guess you'll have to tune in to find out ....

Who is Sarah?

The woman we know as Sarah.  Chelle sees and draws her outfit.  


The Train Conductor?

A surprise visitor at Chelle's house.  Chelle sketches and jots down a few notes about the encounter. 

Chelle is tested

Chris takes each of our psychics to a secret location. Little did we know the plot in our mystery would thicken .... Chelle was the first to visit the "witch's house" here is her notes from that night.

The black cloaked man

Drawn to another location where a vortex is located, Chelle sees and draws the man in the black cloak that follows us from location to location. 

Testing a portal theory

Chelle's notes and a sketch of the creature she sees lift off in front of another member in a cemetery we were drawn to investigating.

The Witch's House

Buried deep in the back woods of Appalachia, Chris takes our psychics to a witch's house where very sinister things occurred.  Here's Chelle's walk through of that location!

Full Moon @ Witch's House

A smelly black dog with red eyes growls at Chris when he tries to protect Chelle.  This is Chelle's notes from that night at the witch's house- full moon in May 2021.

Video Evidence

Check out some of our most popular videos taken at investigations in our paranormal hunt....

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Q2 Photo Gallery

Some photos from various investigations.


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