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New Crystal Kits & Discounts!

1/1/22 - All new crystal kits added for the New Year and at preferred customer discounts!  You do not want to miss these kits.. home decor, jewelry, worry stone kits, and much more! Check them all out below....


$400 Cash Giveaway Contest!

12/28/21 - We're excited to announce that we will be giving away (4) $100 cold, hard cash prizes on the 4th of January to our loyal customers, fans, and crystal club members! Check out the video below to watch Chris n Chelle announce the new giveaway!


New FB Page & New Team Members

10/7/21 - Because of conflicts with personal schedules, the group has had to do some rearranging. This will throw us back a month or two on our current endeavors but we are still pushing forward. NOW we can move at the pace we have always wanted to and will no longer have to wait on some members to show up for our scheduled commitments.

We have 4 incoming new members including demonologists, psychics, empaths, skeptics, and more.... members who take this seriously and are here to help us, help YOU and to get this show we've been blessed with finished and airing on national tv! We're taking this to the TOP and we thank you all for sticking with us!

Our New FB Page Can Be Found Here! Please like & Follow!

Loyalty And Rewards Added

9/18/21 - Loyalty and Rewards program announced. We are pleased to announce that we now have a loyalty and rewards program at the merchandise shop. The system rewards customers for their participation and for customer referrals!  You can earn points by subscribing to Q2's Youtube Channel, Sharing Q2 on your Facebook & Twitter, subscribing to our mailing list, and more!  Earn 20% discounts across the board when you refer a new customer.  100 bonus points sent to your account as a welcome gift!

To participate, click on the REWARDS tab on the right hand side of your screen.


On The Haunt Trailer

8/30/21 - It's finally happening!  Point Pleasant, WV - Helltown, OH and more locations on the filming agenda.  

Check out Q2's On The Haunt Trailer Here!

While you're on our Youtube Channel, be sure to subscribe so that you will be in the loop on our newest endeavors!

Peace, Love, and Light Q2 Universe!


New Private FB Group For Crystals

8/30/21 - Q2 Universe: We started a FB group page specifically for Crystal lovers. This new group is all about the goodness of Crystals. Healing Properties, Identification of Crystals, How to care for your Crystals, Crystal Grid Information, Buying Recommendations, Crystal Guides, Mentorship, and even some of Q2's stock of Crystals and Crystal jewelry that we currently have for sale. We also explore and encourage sharing of info, as well as lovely pieces, and the prized private collections of our members. So if you want to stay updated on all of our current Crystal Endeavors... hop on over and join as a member. The group is private. See ya over there! CLICK HERE TO JOIN FREE!

We have a certified Demonoligist

8/13/21 - Lets all give Chris a big JOB WELL DONE today.. he just passed his DEMONOLOGY CERTIFICATION CLASSES! Specifically "Modern Demonology for Paranormal Investigators" Whoot! Whoot!!

Q2 Web Site Up and Running

8/13/21- Hey.. you may have already noticed that our new web site is now online.  You can come here for all things paranormal and even shop for protection products, tinctures, essential oils, and even crystals in our merch shop.  Not all pages are fully functional as of yet, but we are working very hard to get it all done in a timely fashion. 

Countdown to Production Is On...

8/1/21- Well the count down to the production team touching down in WV is on!! Should be more interesting than an investigation. 

Anyone who has good haunted location ideas, please drop the suggestions here.

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Ultimate Paranormal Experience

Have  you entered in to the Q2 Ultimate Paranormal Experience yet?  What are you waiting for!  Entering is easy!  Simply subscribe to our Youtube and Facebook channels and then share those links on your Facebook wall.  Please be sure that the link you share is set to PUBLIC so that we can see and verify that you shared the link!

Prize package is going to be huge!  The ultimate location will be ... well we can't tell you that... but here's a hint:  Hell Town  :)

New Youtube Channel  *  Facebook Page  


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